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Yoga props – make your own!

Yoga props – make your own!

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Yoga props for making your own

How COVID has changed yoga props. By Maria Oliver

Yoga props. They’re so fun! Use a belt in a bright colour if you cannot reach your toes. Use blocks or bricks that are complementary colors, either matching your mat’s colour scheme or clashing. My props are very important to me as I am not naturally flexible. They make me stand taller, support my arms when I’m unable to reach the ground, and allow me access and deeper poses that I could not master before. B.K.S. Iyengar has been credited for introducing yoga props, using tree stumps or anything else that he could find.

I have bags full of yoga props. I used to carry the bags with me to every class. I would give out my props and demonstrate how to use then collect them again. The regular attendees would bring their own props, but by lending out props everyone could have the same. COVID was born.

Then, instead of greeting my students in the hall, I peered into their…

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