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Jubi relaunches Joy Universe Digital Asset Trading Platform


According to an announcement made by cryptocurrency trading website Joy Universe (ju.com), Exor Digital Holdings Limited has acquired the original Jubi digital platform. Exor Digital Holdings Limited, now that it has 100% ownership of Jubi’s digital trading platform, has completely restructured its company, making major changes to the key positions within its primary divisions. These include technology development and promotion, customer service, and main client channels.

Jubi was one of the first cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world to be established in 2013. In 2017, it had the largest global trading volume after being ranked first amongst the largest Chinese-language trading platforms for digital assets in 2015. After being totally bought by Singapore’s Uniweb Group in February 2020, Jubi provided services to 23 million customers of digital asset trading across hundreds of nations worldwide. Exor Digital Holdings Limited is backed by both cryptocurrency players as well as traditional investors, including those from Italy. Ju.com has a current valuation of…

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