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Please tell me about the front suspension
The struts travel in an arc.
The strut is a different plane from the LCA arc
When the LCA bottom is pushed forward, the
LCA is able to move up and down (if the
Neutral tension is achieved by adjusting the strut length
LCA (loaded height) This forward pull
It will cause a certain amount of binding.
Have an impact on travel and perhaps on
Effective spring rate, damping. So,
I’m thinking of using Firm Feel adjustable
Struts with length adjusted for just
There is a slight tension in the LCA.
The stock is in a loaded position. The stock seems to be loaded
Rubber LCA and strut Bushings
provide the most “give” to allow for the
maximum suspension travel, so that’s
the direction I’m leaning. Or, what are you thinking?
Delrin is a great option to consider.
Or poly LCA bushing with a stock type
Rubber strut Bushing (not a Moog)
They are also stiffer than stock
bushing)? Or, you can use a LCA made of rubber stock type.
What is the difference between a Moog strut bushes and a bushing for a bushing?
Think about the Stock LCA
It seems that rubber bushings work, but they don’t.
The outer must be allowed to twist.
shell to move over ¼˝ to allow the tire to
You can go up or down by a few inches. Does that sound right?
Rubber would seem to wear out.
Pretty quick.

All you say is true
Tension struts are a good design to remember
It was there to absorb road-shock.
Stop instantaneous loads going
to infinity.

Delrin (acetal or stock) LCA
The stock Harris bushings work fine
The bushings that we use are of the highest quality.
task. It is not the best material for this.
spot). Pulling the LCA ahead with the
I feel like strut is a kind of bandaid.
They are offset UCA bushings, just like the offset UCA bushings.
Both serve a purpose.

Rubber strut bushings can be used for the same purpose.
Working hard but I have just disassembled an
deadstock ’72 A-body (1pc style bushing)
I also found them to be 100% serviceable. I also
run a ’69 A-body in autoX, road racing, etc

Two decades of the same set
You can use urethane bushings for your struts.
too. The most important thing is to make sure that you have the
Front surface of K-member is enough
The factory has improved the gusseting.
I have seen the changes over the years. I have actually seen it.
strut bushings tear through the K.
The bushings remained intact!

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