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Develop Career-Ready Human Skill

Develop Career-Ready Human Skill

One of our latest town halls. Next Generation Learning goals: What students should know The conversation was largely centered around skills frameworks, profiles of graduates and discussions on the VUCA (Visual Uncertainty and Complexity) future. We also discussed the fact that as learners develop their skills, they need to simultaneously develop the confidence necessary to articulate both their strengths and weaknesses to assist in the job interview process. The Skillsline By supporting young people to develop job-ready skills, we can help bridge the gap.

Used by Jobs for America’s Graduates- Louisiana (JAG-LA), the platform offers a scaffolded learning experience, grounded in learning and behavioral science that teaches students the essential human skills they need for workforce success. Skillsline’s mobile-first platform meets learners wherever they are and takes the burden off facilitators.

Courtney Reilly After six years of leading the ASU+GSV Summit, Skillsline was launched in 2020. Reilly was also responsible for the growth initiatives of Phyllis Lockett, at LEAP Innovations Chicago.

While other startups were accepting big venture checks in the gogo days of ‘21 (and are now saddled with ridiculous valuations), Reilly and co-founder Chris…

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