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Colonel Geeta rana of Ladakh is the first woman to lead an army battalion.


Colonel Geeta Rana The Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers took over the command of an independent field shop in the After the Indian Army, the Chinese Army has merged Eastern Ladakh with China Recently, women officers were approved for command posts. This is her first female officer to do this. The Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers’ Colonel Geeta Rana is the first female officer to assume control of an Independent Field Workshop in a remote and forward area in Eastern Ladakh.

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After the Army’s clearance of 108 positions for female officers to assume command of independent units in the Corps of Engineers, Ordnance, EME, and other branches, the officer has assumed control of the independent workshop for the EME. The women officers who successfully passed the exams will be promoted to higher ranks within the military and given leadership roles. Army now sends women soldiers on peacekeeping missions and to joint training exercises in friendly foreign countries.

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