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How to stop your cat from running through the pet door when you also have dogs


If you own both cats and dogs, you may already be familiar with the conundrum of how to let your dog outside while keeping your cat inside. As much as cats enjoy slipping through the flap, dogs also love to be able go outside when they want. 

Unsupervised cat-walking can be dangerous. Indoor cats are not always aware of all the dangers that exist outdoors, while outdoor cats can still be hurt by moving cars and wild animals. 

How do we stop our feline friend from slipping through the doggie-door and causing havoc in the neighborhood.

How to prevent your cat from using the pet door of your dog

Keep the doors shut to the outside unless you are actively monitoring your cat. The cats are sneaky creatures that can escape faster than you can even say “meow.”

It’s now time to teach your cat how to come to you when you call. Yes, I said to train your cat. It sounds impossible but I promise you, it’s not.

Choose a command to get your cat to come. This could be “here”, “come”, or even the cat’s name. You can then call out their name in a cheerful tone, and give them a treat as soon as they arrive.

Gradually increase distance…

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