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Follow these 5 Amazing Vintage Clothing Sellers to Make Your Feed More Fashionable


In recent years vintage fashion has grown in popularity as people seek to make their wardrobes less expensive by buying secondhand items. ’70s fashion has been “back” for a while (see the resurgence of bohemian and disco styles) and you’ve probably heard about the ’80s rebirth (hello, high-waisted jeans and mall brand comebacks!) — most recently, even ’00s fashion is stylish again, to the chagrin of many who lived through this gaudy fashion era all too recently. (The 2000s may seem like only yesterday, but the generally accepted industry standard for “vintage” clothing is anything aged 20 years or more.) While it’s fun to dig through the goods at your local thrift shop and turn up retro treasures, it’s a lot easier to shop online. You can find a wide range of pre-loved and hand-selected clothing on the internet. Instagram has been a great place for vintage clothing sellers.

To help you find the best vintage style Insta has to offer, I’ve gathered five of my favorite accounts — all run by stylish and entrepreneurial women. If you choose to purchase from them, their beautiful wares will brighten up your day and enhance your wardrobe.

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