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All Americans can benefit from working together

All Americans can benefit from working together

In addition to sharing best practices with one another, the NGA Winter Meeting’s location in Washington, DC also offers Governors the opportunity to engage with officials across the federal government.  

Yesterday, Governors and President Biden met at the White House along with cabinet secretaries, senior administration representatives, and Vice president Kamala Harris. Immigration, economic stability and permitting reform were among the Governors’ top priorities.  After the meetings, NGA Chair Utah governor Spencer Cox spoke to the press outside of the White House.

While the Governors met at the White House with their staff, federal officials from 17 offices and agencies were also meeting. Over 150 individual meetings took place to align state and federal priority and improve the efficiency of government programs.

Earlier in the day, Governors voted to approve a resolution on federal priorities for 2024, which will serve as a road map for NGA’s advocacy efforts for the remainder of the 118th Congress.  You can find a complete list of priorities here.

In today’s public sessions Governors will have…

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