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2021 Dodge RAM 3500 by Plan B Fabrication’s

2021 Dodge RAM 3500 by Plan B Fabrication’s

A Balanced Mixture of Business and Pleasure

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The building of trucks can be a fun and relaxing hobby. It can provide a chance to enjoy solitude while working in the garage or a good excuse to get together with friends. Most enthusiasts find customizing their vehicles to be a healthy and fun hobby. However, the flip side can often go unnoticed by those on the outside.

The Hard Truth

People who have a strong interest in car customization often dream about owning their own shop, or another business related to cars. The idea of turning a passion into a career sounds great in theory. But once you’ve crossed that line, it can be a long and stressful road. Money can be a depressing factor for some, but others find it a rewarding place to work and explore.

Robert Pigue, owner of Plan B Fabrication in Sorrento, Florida has turned big, lifted trucks into his life’s work. He has slowly learned how to navigate through the pitfalls and sweet successes that come with owning a small-business. The good days can make up for bad ones. Luckily for Robert, there are times when he can focus on pleasurable aspects of his job by doing what he enjoyed most in the first place—building full-custom trucks to show off. Only one thing has changed: a completed project can now be used as a revving, rolling business card.

“The money side of things can shatter a lot of dreams, but for others, it only represents new challenges and a gratifying place to explore within the automotive industry.”

Movin’ On Up

Robert chose a 2021 Dodge RAM3500 as the foundation for his latest Plan B project. He wanted to give the truck a beefy suspension, new tires and wheels, and a lot of other modifications to set it apart. Robert wanted to see how the truck would appear at a higher altitude. He contacted Stryker Offroad to get an 8-inch package with a 4-link setup in front, rear traction bar, and carbon shocks. Once test fit, the components were then powdercoated in copper and black finishes to better blend in with Robert’s future restyling idea for the RAM. A set of Ruthless Forged, 28-inch wheels finished in Fury M/T Rubber were placed under the Dodge to finish the chassis.


To give the truck a truly VIP appearance, Robert took a page out of the late Young Dolph’s playbook of going for a distinguishable camo exterior. For those who aren’t familiar with Dolph, he was a rapper from Memphis, Tennessee who was known for his elite fleet of luxury vehicles that all graced matching camo wraps. This look has inspired many to copy it. Nick Williams from Premier Auto Styling, Winter Haven, Florida, was chosen to wrap the RAM. It turned out perfectly. Alpharex Projector Headlights, Overkill Fab Custom Grille and a Ruthless backlit logo in the center of the Overkill Fab Custom Grille give the truck a killer new front end.

“To give the truck a truly VIP appearance, Robert took a page out of the late Young Dolph’s playbook of going for a distinguishable camo exterior.”

New Seats & Beats

Creating an attractive outer shell is important, but Robert knows damn well what’s inside a truck truly makes it special. With this mindset at the forefront, he reached out to Electronics Depot in nearby Altamonte Springs to assist in transforming the RAM’s factory interior space. Leather and exotic Cayman-alligator skins covered the seats, steering, center console and door panels. A custom speaker enclosure was also installed where the rear window once stood. Robert wanted to make his truck as loud as it could be, so he installed speakers and subs by Sky High Audio and Trinity Audio. Just in case those weren’t loud enough, each door panel was also stuffed with even more hi-fi horsepower. And if THAT amount of audio components wasn’t sufficiently deafening enough, your eardrums might burst from just looking at what’s lurking inside of the bed. Robert maximized every available inch of the space to dedicate to more speakers shockingly—as many as could fit. Electronics Depot handled wiring and fabrication on multiple custom enclosures. These enclosures look fantastic and will certainly help to eliminate noise ordinances in the United States.

It took Robert a full year to finish off his shop RAM project, but once complete, it was taken to a handful of big shows including Lone Star Throwdown, Smokey Mountain Truck Fest, Scrapin’ The Coast, and even made an appearance at SEMA 2023 to end its breakout tour. Plan B Fab has done it again with the Dodge. It encompasses all that Plan B Fab does, and even more. While Robert doesn’t offer audio or wrap services at his shop, he can help his customers by referring other local businesses he can personally vouch for. It is possible to build trucks and strengthen communities as a way of life. This is a great recipe for success.

“he reached out to Stryker Offroad for an 8-inch lift package that included a 4-link front setup, rear traction bars, and carbon shocks all around.”

“Electronics Depot handled the wiring and fabrication of multiple custom enclosures, which display great, and for sure promotes the obliteration of noise ordinances nationwide.”

2021 Dodge RAM 3500 


  • Robert Pigue / Plan B Fabrication
  • Sorrento, FL

Engine & Drivetrain  

  • Cummins Inline-6 6.7L 2021
  • Jamo 5-inch side rear exit exhaust
  • 4.30 ratios for the front and rear axles

Chassis & Suspension

  • Stryker 8-inch lift kit
  • Front and rear 4-link suspension with traction bars
  • Carbon shocks
  • Powder-coated suspension components in color-matching

Wheels, Tires & Brakes

  • 28-inch Ruthless Forged Wheels
  • 38×13.50×28 Fury MT tires


  • Young Dolph-style custom camo wrap
  • Nick Williams at Premier Auto Styling in Winter Haven, FL
  • Overkill Fab backlit stainless grille
  • Efficient Lighting provides additional lighting


  • Electronics Depot, Altamonte Springs FL: Cayman leather/suede seat covers.
  • Ruthless Manufacturing Cayman carbon fiber steering wheel wrapped to match
  • Sky High Audio Speakers
  • Four 15-inch Trinity Audio speakers

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