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Rolling Tribute Damon Flippo’s USMC-Inspired Ford F-350 Dually

Rolling Tribute Damon Flippo’s USMC-Inspired Ford F-350 Dually

Damon Flippo is a marketing and event manager for Rigid industries. He proudly represents his company at any events he attends. Given that Rigid Industries found its early calling in the off-road market producing state-of-the-art LED lighting, Damon’s had several lifted trucks and even a few Peterbilt rigs in his stable. He chose to build a stealthy, lowered truck to show the many possibilities and applications of Rigid’s LED lights.

Damon purchased a 2011 Ford F-350 dual-cabin that had been partially completed but was still in need of finishing. He wanted to set about putting his own spin on things in order to build a rolling tribute to the United States Marine Corps and all those who’ve served our country. Damon served in the Marines from 1989 to 1993 as a MOS 0311 rifleman. He knew what the Marine Corps stood for. He felt that it was his responsibility to preserve this tradition by including its history in his build.

Damon wanted to add his personal touches and murals that depicted the history of USMC. CR Designs helped Damon’s vision come to life by airbrushing the matte black stripes throughout the white dually. The centerpiece is a waving American Flag with the USMC Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblems, as well the iconic Battle of Iwo Jima Image. The cab’s side pillars depict a Marine who is honoring the Marines of old, while the other pillar shows the Marines of today. A.R.E. covers the bed. Z-series camper shell that’s both stylish and function.

Wherever the road may take Damon, he’ll be able to see clearly ahead with the abundance of Rigid Industries lighting.


The front end features a mesh insert with a flush 30-inch LED bar to tie in the Rigid Industries custom touches. But the lighting didn’t stop there; he also enlisted the help of Plain n Simple by Design to customize the taillights as the headlights were fitted to hold dual Rigid lights with both the USMC and Rigid Industries emblems inside. A Q series LED fog light and another Rigid bar complete the front bumper. An iPod control module is used to easily turn all of the external lighting on.

To give the truck a sleek look it’s been fitted with a 5/7-drop kit from DJM suspension. Front coil springs, Dream Beams and lowered Dream Beams were installed. DJM flip kit and shackle were used to bring the rear up to the same height. Pure Performance shocks, designed to reduce fluid temperature and fatigue, keep the ride smooth. Due to the fact that the rear duals are wider, than what was originally installed by the factory, an adaptor was used to allow the wheels to fit inside the 2010 factory fenders. Street Scene air outlets were cut into the fenders. The brakes were upgraded by SSBC Performance Brake Systems to compensate for added weight from the semi-styled wheels.

CR Designs helped this truck pay homage to the USMC as the hood features iconic symbols airbrushed over an American flag.
CR Design helped this truck pay homage by airbrushing iconic symbols on the hood of an American Flag.
Even the tailgate of this Super Duty reps the Marines as a logo for the Devil Dogs was painted on it.
The Marines are represented on the tailgate as well, which is painted with the Devil Dogs logo.
The 6.7L Power Stroke was boosted with an aFe Power intake and MagnaFlow exhaust. Two Kinetik batteries were added to make sure that not only does it start but to power the sound system as well.
MagnaFlow exhausts and an aFe intake were installed on the 6.7L power stroke. The sound system was powered by two Kinetik batteries.

The truck was already equipped a 6.7L “Scorpion” Power Stroke that had 390 hp in its factory form. A sealed cold air intake from aFe power Stage-2 Si was added to the truck to increase performance and volumetric efficiency while lowering intake temperatures. MagnaFlow’s 5-inch exhaust allows spent gases to escape easily. AFe Power Pans with external fins help cool the 6R140 Transmission. They hold 3 quarts extra fluid than stock and dissipate the heat.


The truck looks slick from the outside but also the interior was upgraded. To begin with, Katzkin leathers were used to upgrade the upholstery of the seats. Rosen Electronics’ AV7900 replacement headrests came with monitors and media player already mounted. Rockford Fosgate has installed a sound system with four 10-inch-long subwoofers. Two Kinetik HC1800 batteries were installed to ensure the truck was able to start, and that it could power the sound.

The end result combines all aspects of Damon’s life from the Marine Corps to custom trucks to his career at Rigid Industries. He’d like to thank his father, Pat Flippo, Bryan Bergey, Cody Elliot and Nick Kimmel for their service and the sacrifices they made for our freedoms, as well as his wife, Krystal, sons Anthony and Justin and Mega Motorsports, NY Mike Murray, Justin Rainwater and all his brothers from Relaxed Atmosphere. DW


Continuing the theme, the side pillars honor those who have served, past and present.
The side pillars continue the theme by honoring those who have served in the past and the present.
Passengers will have plenty of entertainment on the road as the front seats were fitted with Rosen Electronics AV7900 headrest replacement systems with media players and monitors.
Rosen Electronics has fitted the front seats with the AV7900 Headrest Replacement Systems with Media Players and Monitors.
The Rockford Fosgate sound system has plenty of thump thanks to the four 10-inch P/3 subwoofers that were mounted on a blow-through box behind the rear seats.
Rockford Fosgate’s sound system delivers plenty of bass thanks to its four 10-inch subwoofers mounted on an air-tight box behind the rear seating.
The door panels were fitted with Rockford Fosgate speakers to enhance the quality of the mobile entertainment.
Rockford Fosgate Speakers were installed in the door panels of the vehicle to enhance mobile entertainment.
The interior was made luxurious with the help of leather seat covers from Katzkin.
Leather seat covers by Katzkin transformed the interior into a luxurious space.
Bringing this truck down low is a DJM 5/7-drop kit, which allows Damon to run these 26-inch American Force Impact wheel with low-profile tires.
A DJM 5-/7-drop kit allows Damon the 26-inch American Force Impact wheels with low-profile tire.

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