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Mexico's Fantasy Island

Cedros Island fishing is very similar to Southern California fishing, except that the barracuda, yellowtail, white seabass, halibut, and calico bass are all bigger, stronger, and more aggressive. After my August visit to this craggy, arid Pacific island about midway down the Baja Peninsula and 40 miles off the coast, I’d say Cedros Island is like SoCal fishing on acid.

I watched as thousands of sardines were so fiercely roiling at the surface that it sounded just like a downpour. Two trophy calico basses were caught on a two hook stick bait. A school of yellowtail rammed a shark’s belly repeatedly with their nostrils. They forced the shark up to the surface where they ate its last meal. It was like seeing a school bully’s lunch stolen by a group of piscatorial nerds. It was my first time fishing in this area, and I was as sober as a court judge.

Cedros Island, Mexico has some of the best yellowtail fishing in the world. The fishing is very similar to Southern California, but it’s on a much higher level. 

Sean Sullivan

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