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Italian restaurant offers free wine to ditch phones

Italian restaurant offers free wine to ditch phones

Diners can lock their cell phones in a box at their table.

Recently opened Al Condominio restaurant in northern Italian city Verona said it was offering ‘a bottle of good wine’ to diners who temporarily part with their mobile phones in order to ‘dedicate themselves to the pleasure of the table and company’. 

A ‘digital detox’ special offer promises a free bottle of wine in return for allowing staff at the Verona restaurant to lock phones in a drawer.

One bottle will be given to each couple taking part, although the offer changes to one bottle per four people in the case of groups, said the restaurant’s website. 

‘The restaurant offer in Verona is already very broad and valuable, [so] we had to propose an alternative,’ said Al Condominio’s cofounder, Angelo Lella.

‘We then worked on the #DigitalDetox concept to present something new and curious, dedicated to those looking for novel and satisfying experiences on a gastronomic, wine and social level.’

He added, ‘Freeing yourself from technology is a luxury…a luxury because today the true value is time, even more so if spent in the company of a good glass of wine and friends, loved ones or new encounters.’

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