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What the Internet looked like in 2002 was Formula Sushi Racing

What the Internet looked like in 2002 was Formula Sushi Racing


There’s a dusty corner of my brain that lights up only when I see the most incomprehensible stuff the internet can deliver. AlbinoBlackSheep, Rathergood and other sites made the early 2000s a hotspot for the weirdest things I had ever seen as a seven-year-old. This morning, for what seems like an eternity, I was transported back to the blissful wonderment of my seven-year-old self by a field full of sushi plates racing through Suzuka.

What is Formula Sushi? You can learn more about it here., but I can’t tell you why it exists. A YouTuber with a penchant for trains and strange 3D animation decided that “the sushi on the conveyor belt lacks a sense of speed,” and that what the kaiten-zushi Formula 1 should be broadcast in its entirety. Imagine one of F1’s sprint races, but instead of cars representing Saudi royalty and gambling sites, the race was just between plates of raw seafood rested on rice. They were racing on the counters of an euclidean non-track restaurant. (Hey band name idea.

At first, I thought that I was watching a strange iRacing Mod where people race cats. Even the exhaust sounds like a second-rate videogame sound model. It seems that the race was pre-rendered. This would explain the good lighting. No chance to download Sushizuka before your next league racing evening. But not yet.

You can also tell me about it. How to get started this video came to exist, I’m having the damnedest time figuring out What is the best way to get in touch with you?. Someone had an idea and made it happen. Someone really, really wanted to see a plate of Atlantic salmon nigiri pass some tuna on the inside of 130R—sorry for the spoiler. But I’ve always been drawn to things I don’t understand, and Formula Sushi is beyond my comprehension. I’m in awe of the person in 2024 who is willing to put in so much effort on a project as bizarre, instead of settling for a quick AI image.

(Also, if Atlantic salmon keeps its game up, it’ll be driving for Red Bull next year at this rate.)

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