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Rahul will run from Wayanad in Kerala.

Rahul will run from Wayanad in Kerala.

ThiruvananthapuramUnited Democratic Front, an opposition group in Kerala that is opposed to the Congress and has 14 MPs on its roster including Rahul Ghandi from Wayanad does not wish to risk their electoral prospects at the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

The UDF is sure to benefit from the Congress decision to put Rahul back on the ballot in Wayanad. It is still too early to tell if his presence will result in a UDF landslide, as it did in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections where the Congress-led Front won 19 out of 20 seats.

Interestingly, election surveys in the past have shown that Kerala is one state where Rahul Gandhi is way ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi when it comes to people’s choice for the top post. In spite of the criticism, the former Congress President has maintained a strong relationship with the Wayanad people who he views as his own family.

Left-wingers will not be happy with the Congress’ decision because the CPI already had expressed their views against it.

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