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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Enya Sakhrani

Volunteer Appreciation Month: Enya Sakhrani

Enya Sakhrani, Paws and Purpose: VolunTEEN

From an early age, Enya knew she wanted to follow in her mom’s footsteps and volunteer at North Shore Animal League America, but first she had to wait until she turned 16. She is now enrolled in the VolunTEEN Program and loves it.

With a passion for animals and desire to make a difference, Enya hopes one day to become a veterinarian, and is soaking up the time she gets to spend at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. Enya chose to work with the felines as her resident dog was not cat-friendly. She also does not have a pet cat. “I’ve learned a lot about cat behavior,” Enya shared. “For example, if a cat wags its tail, it doesn’t always mean it’s happy, it can also mean stay away!”

Enya found that everyone was extremely helpful to her as she learned the ropes. It all serves to brighten her days, and Enya noted that there’s something at Animal League America for everyone. “If I’m having a bad day and I go to BFF, it always cheers me up,” Enya said. “And it’s also a great place to just go and meet people and learn…

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