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The Best Carry On Luggage to Avoid Baggage Fees

The Best Carry On Luggage to Avoid Baggage Fees

Between making passengers pay to select a seat and charging for snacks to upping baggage fees, it seems airlines know no end to the extra expenditures they’re willing to put customers through. It’s exhausting, frankly. But as a professional traveler, one thing I’ve always opted to do is skip checking a bag, no matter how long the trip. The time you save by not having to wait on your baggage is worth it. Plus, the chance of losing that bag is virtually eliminated. You will also save money. Check out these stylish carry-on bags to make your journey a breeze.

Best Carry-on Luggage

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I recently started using the duo of July’s Carry-On Pro paired with the over-the-handle weekender, and am obsessed. Their roller features a polycarbonate hardshell front pocket for a laptop, and there’s an ejectable power bank so you can stay on top of things while on the move. There’s also a compression strap that works like a dream; I packed my outfits for a snow trip, including ski pants and jacket, and still had plenty of space for après gear. The best part is, it comes with a lifetime warranty, so if your luggage ever gets damaged beyond use, you’ll get it replaced gratis.

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