Home Conservative News Republicans must target the budget’s six 'evil I’s'

Republicans must target the budget’s six 'evil I’s'

Republicans must target the budget’s six 'evil I’s'

If Republicans can’t win a budget fight over a possible government shutdown against a man deemed too senile to face prosecution, then they deserve to go the way of the Whigs.

We seem to have forgotten that, amid the political turmoil surrounding Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s political fates, congressional Republicans can focus the nation’s attention on issues crucial to saving our civilisation. With government funding slated to expire on March 1 and March 8, now is the time for Republicans to make the case against invasion, inflation, inquisition, injections, indoctrination, and Islamization — the six “evil I’s.”

Republicans win when issues are the focus, but lose when personalities are the focus.

Democrats face a huge disadvantage. Their policies are unpopular, and their party’s leader and public face is mentally infirm. Republicans will never have more leverage than they currently do in a fight over budgets.

The fact is that even if Republicans win a smashing victory in November, conservatives won’t come close to 60 votes in the Senate. Stymied by RINOs, they would still lack the votes necessary to pass worthy, transformational legislation — except for once a year, through…

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