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The Truth Behind Apex Legends’ Revenant Rework


Apex Legends, like all live-service titles, is no stranger to balancing updates. Weapons and characters are affected by a variety of factors. The most important is player behavior. Pathfinder used to be the best duelist in casual and competitive matches. His grapple-hook-centric mobility, and inconsistent hitbox, made him unbeatable until his ability cooling down and physique was tweaked. Similarly, the Prowler SMG once rivaled its light ammo counterparts before the Selectfire Receiver – a legendary hop-up that converted the weapon’s burstfire to automatic – was removed from the loot pool. The meta was impacted by these changes and many others. However, one update stood out above the rest. It was Revenant’s rework.

The nefarious simulacrum (robots based on humans) was first introduced in Season 4: Assimilation, and despite capturing the fascination of lore enthusiasts and aggression-focused players, his unremarkable pick rate left a lot to be desired. Revenant was originally a stealthy killer with a kit that included a passive called “Stalker”, which increased crouching speed/extended his climbing height, while also muting his feet.

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