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The Changing Role of Today’s EdLeader

The Changing Role of Today’s EdLeader

Teachers must navigate a dynamic educational environment that is shaped and influenced by multiple factors. A teacher shortage, rapid advancements in EdTech and AI and the demand for a diverse workforce have all combined to create a transformative environment. The power dynamic in education is also shifting, with families increasingly taking charge of decisions regarding their children’s learning environments. Parents are often building their own schools when they find that the local options for schooling are lacking. 

Diverse stakeholders from the federal, state, local and intermediary levels are implementing new solutions to combat the educator shortage. “Grow your own” programs and teacher apprenticeships are emerging as key strategies to cultivate a sustainable pool of educators. In all parts of the country, new school models have emerged that offer alternative structures and opportunities. These initiatives are a recognition of the need to invest in education leaders for the long-term.

We need to create systems and spaces which allow for dynamic and diverse…

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