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The Field’s picks for the best picnic blankets

The Field’s picks for the best picnic blankets

Pick the most comfortable and stylish picnic blankets for your next trip.

The use of a picnic blanket is not limited to summer picnics.

Picnic blankets bring together two great joys in life: delicious food and the outdoors. With the arrival of spring our minds turn to picnics, sports days, cricket matches  – a decent blanket for sitting on is a must. A rug is always useful in the car. This is The Field‘s guide to the very best picnic blankets. We’ve chosen a selection of picnic blankets here that you can spread out on the ground and loll about on, whether you’re at the beach or in the field. Be sure to check out our guide on the best hampers and how to have the ultimate picnic.

Fortnum’s Tartan Waterproof Picnic Blanket

A waterproof tartan picnic rug from Fortnum & Mason

The best way to avoid damp bottoms

  • Size: 150cm by 183cm
  • Material: New wool, 100% pure with polyester backing
  • Washable only: Wipe clean
  • Waterproof backing is Yes
  • Colour as shown


House of Bruar Waterproof Back Picnic Rug

The best washing machine for your clothes

  • Size: 137cm by 170cm
  • Material: Pure new wool inner
  • Machine washable
  • Waterproof backing is Yes
  • Colour: as shown

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Country Mouse Sorbet Merino wool Blanket

The best for colourful comfort

  • Size: 165cmx150cm
  • Material: 100% Merino lambswool
  • It can be used as a blanket or throw.
  • No waterproof backing
  • Colour: as shown


Purdey Sundowner blanket in Multi 

Weight for money

  • Size: 204cm by 133cm
  • Material: 100% Wool
  • Only dry clean
  • Colour: as shown

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Greenfield Collection Heritage Herringbone Wool Blanket 

Best Value

  • Size: 150cm by 200cm
  • Material: 50% wool and 50% polyester
  • Washable? No, wipe clean
  • Colours shown: Mulberry red and Sky blue

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