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Six Perfect Pound cakes

Six Perfect Pound cakes

The pound cake’s simplicity makes it a great base for a variety of variations, from a delicious banana bread to a marbling delight. 

Classic Vanilla Pound Cake

This pound cake is incredibly sweet and simple. You can pick your favorite flavor. Go almond, lemon, or vanilla. For bake sales, we bake this cake in Nordic Ware’s Brilliance Bundt Pan with evenly spaced grooves that make for easy portioning when you slice and serve.

Banana Bread-Cream Cheese Poundcake

Banana Bread-Cream Cheese Pound Cake on marble serving tray

This Banana Bread Cream Cheese Pound cake is a culinary masterpiece. One tangy and creamy all-star ingredient can give pound cake its iconic cracked top and moist consistency with just a little tweaking and Southern charm. Cream Cheese. We elevated the Cream  By layering the batter on top of lightly spiced, brown sugar-Banane The batter is then layered to create a masterpiece. The beautiful design of the Nordic Ware Bundt Pan 75th anniversary is highlighted by a final sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.

Roasted Strawberry Poundcake

Roasted Strawberry Pound Cake on white cake stand with one slice of cake on white plate with strawberry jam with spoon and strawberries

Roasting fresh berries enhances their taste and also creates a delicious juice. Ruby strawberries are folded with rich buttermilk…

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