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Rutgers Community Reacts to a Tumultuous 2020 with Pandemic Book Collection


In March, four years will have passed since the Covid-19 Pandemic started. In March, it will be four years since the world shut down at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Reflections on Pandemics: Covid and Social Crisis in the Year of Everything ChangedThe intricacies and challenges of 2020 are illuminated by personal stories, scholarly research, and expert opinions.

The collection of essays, poetry and artwork, published by Rutgers University Press, features the diverse perspectives of the Rutgers community, including scholars, staff, students, alumni, and even president Jonathan Holloway, whose piece “Reflections in a Covid Photograph” opens the collection. Although these reflections come from a certain hub of voices and are organized in a timeline, they can still be viewed as universally relatable.

Editor Teresa Politano is a Rutgers professor, award-winning author, and editor. NJM In the preface, contributor (says that the school is a leader when it comes to conducting research on this virus. As the state’s premier research university, Rutgers established the Center for Covid-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness in late March 2020, where various important developments took place, including studies, vaccine trials and the creation of…

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