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With the new ZEISS Trail Cameras, you can be in your hunting area with just a single click.


We live in a world full of surprises. Most of these surprises happen without us noticing them. The animal world in particular proves to be most alive when humans aren’t present.

ZEISS trail cams provide detailed images with high contrast that allow you to see into hidden worlds. They also make it easy to track the movements of animals. Thanks to their wireless capabilities and multi-network SIM card, you can view images and videos from anywhere – even at night and in bad weather.

Available in two models, the ZEISS Secacam 5 & 7 trail cameras give you instant access to your hunting ground.

Zeiss Seacam 7

ZEISS Seacam 7​​​

High-detail recognition both during the daytime and at night. ZEISS quality

Cameras of all kinds face a challenge when it comes to capturing clear, vivid images in low-light situations or during eclipses. With the ZEISS Secacam Trail Cameras, you will be able to see everything in greater contrast and detail than ever before.

The 60 LEDs are activated by the high-sensitivity sensor when it detects motion. The flash is not visible to the animal but the photo sensor detects light, which allows you to see the…

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