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The RC10B7D| RC10B7D

From JConcepts
The chassis protective sheet is a high-end product that has been used in RC racing for years. While it’s not easy to re-invent the chassis sheet, JConcepts, along with Ryan Maifield, now offer a newly designed protective sheet for the latest Team Associated vehicle. The pre-cut, heavy-duty item features the latest RM2 graphics in the scheme. The 2-piece design comes with 3 extra rear chassis parts and pre-cut decals.

After a tough race weekend, there will be no excuses and “no apologies” with this design. Leaving it all on the track, speaking your mind and standing your ground is a mindset, and a belief that what’s best comes from within. The “no apologies” tag line is printed full color to dedicate this item to the racers who wear their heart on their sleeve. Two pieces per package are included. This durable, resilient material fits every chassis layout perfectly and adds both style and protection. Style, protection, and performance – No Apologies, that’s RM2.


  • Dark gray with black undertones
  • High Impact Print of RM2 – in blazing Red
  • The tagline “No apologies” is centered.
  • Direct fit for RC10B7 / RC10B7D| RC10B7D


  1. Clean chassis
  2. Peel decal
  3. Alignment on the chassis is done from front to rear.
  4. Keep the shape consistent by following the outline of your chassis
  5. Separately apply the rear section and align it with the main sheet

RM2, No Apologies RC10B7 | RC10B7D precut chassis protective sheet, 2pc.
Part # – 8155
Retail price – $22.00
Map price – $18.70
(Fits – Team Associated RC10B7 | RC10B7D)
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