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Heritage Harvest Farms: A Return to our Roots

Heritage Harvest Farms: A Return to our Roots

You have likely heard the phrase “You are what you eat” and, in a literal sense, that is absolutely true! Food we eat has a direct effect on how our bodies produce new cells. Cells actually have an “expiration date.” For example, a red blood cell lives about four months, a skin cell about a month and a stomach cell only has a “shelf life” of about a day or two. What we put into our mouths determines the health and longevity of each cell. If a diet is full of highly processed foods that are low on nutrients and high on additives, colorings, flavorings, sweeteners and hormones, the body doesn’t have much to work with. Eating whole foods, which are minimally (if not at all) processed and as close to nature as possible as possible, will create healthy cells and reduce our susceptibility to disease and premature ageing. Think nutrition. Consider ingredients with one word, such as lentils, almonds, avocados and spinach.

In an attempt to meet the rapidly growing population and improve farming efficiency, it was not until relatively recently that farming became a largely organic industry.

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