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Polish Conservatives Under Siege

Polish Conservatives Under Siege

Polish Conservatives Under Siege

As the cultural revolution hits Poland, the former ruling party has difficulty navigating its isolation in parliament.

Poland is not the kind of country where you can ignore left-liberal policy. Among Europe’s large nations, it is arguably the most religious and conservative. Warsaw has always been a place of defiance and independence. Both American political parties have tried to gain favor in Warsaw. EU supporters have also been jockeying for minds and hearts along the Vistula. 

Nonetheless, a period of weakness on the right is giving the country’s new government carte blanche Reshaping society to conform to the dogmas of Western establishment. Transgender soldiers, abortion on demand, and so-called hate-speech laws are firmly on the agenda less than three months into the new government’s tenure. In the near future, no domestic political solution is likely to be found. The future is not looking good for Catholics, traditionalists and globalism-skeptics in Poland.

Undoubtedly, this political unrest is one of many reasons Poland…

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