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Love = Responsibility

Love = Responsibility

Love = Responsibility

What “owning” a pet really means.

In addition to being the month for love, roses and hearts, February is also a month that celebrates the birth of a new baby. Responsible Pet Owners Day. And although it’s the shortest month of the year — even in a leap year —it’s full of reminders about how best to care for our animal companions. This is why spay/neutering your pet is so important. You cannot be a responsible owner of pets without promoting spay/neutering.

I must admit that I feel sorry for those who have never had a pet. This is a relationship that I cherish. The love I have for animals is a gift that enriches and moves me in unexpected ways. This unique relationship is called the “human-animal bond,” which the American Veterinary Medical Association defines as “a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that is influenced by behaviors considered essential to the health and well-being of both.”

It might sound a bit clinical, but the fact that both humans and animals benefit from it is what really resonates with me. It is both an honor and a responsibility to care for animals in our life ….

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