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AI can transform the way we test children

AI can transform the way we test children

Imagine interacting an avatar that melts into tears – and being assessed on how intelligently and empathetically you respond to its emotional display.

You can also take a maths test created on the spot, the questions written to be responsive to the strengths and weaknesses you’ve displayed in prior answers. Imagine being evaluated for your scientific knowledge, and receiving instant feedback on your responses in a way that helps you better understand and answer other questions.

Here are a few examples of what could happen. Mario Piacentini is a senior researcher of innovative assessments for the Programme for International Student Assessment or PISA.

AI, he and others claim, has the potential of shaking up the student test industry, which has evolved little for decades and which critics say too often falls short of evaluating students’ true knowledge. However, they warn that using AI for assessments can be risky.

“AI is going to eat assessments for lunch,” Ulrich Boser is a senior fellow with the Center for American Progress where he has co-authored research on the…

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