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Horse Feeding Dos and Don’ts


It is important to feed horses. A large enough feeding mistake can cause serious health problems. Colic (digestive upset) or Laminitis It can also be a life-threatening emergency. Here are some feeding dos and don’ts that will help you determine the best diet for your horse.

Do: Feed lots high-quality forage.

As horses are originally grazing creatures, they thrive on a diet that is primarily forage. Grain is a modern invention—a form of concentrated calories fed to horses that do a lot of exercise, or hard keepers that need help putting weight on.

A mare and foal in a field
Forage of high quality (hay or pasture) is the foundation of any horse’s diet.

Horses must consume at least 1.5 percent of the dry weight of their body each day. That is 15 pounds per horse weighing 1,000 pounds. It is worth investing in a scale that will allow you to measure your portions. Place the hay inside a hay net Hang it from the fish scale or luggage scale. Horses who need more hay may be fed unlimited amounts of hay, which is approximately 2.5% of their weight per day.

Lush pasture grass It is high in calories, and can often be packed with…

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