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It’s still not over


It is important that we remember and honor those who have been affected by the epidemic of violence in our country. It’s difficult to listen to, understand, and most importantly ignore. Americans are likely to know someone who has been affected personally by gun violence. In the wake of this horror, increased attention has been paid to victims and survivors.

On June 12, 2016, it was seven years since Pulse’s massacre. This is the second most deadly mass shooting in America, with 49 deaths and at least 52 people seriously wounded. OnePulse Foundation proposed in 2016 a museum and memorial to honor the victims. The memorial would include educational and reflective materials. These plans have not yet been realized due to a number of setbacks and the pandemic.

The original estimate was $49 Million, but the cost rose to $100 Million. OnePulse, in response to objections about the use of taxpayer dollars with no end in sight, announced this month new changes to memorial and museum plans as well as internal changes. Deborah Bowie became executive director of the organization in June.

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