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EasyA Partners With Ripple (XRP), Solana (SOL) Price Pumps Nearly 30%, KangaMoon (KANG) To Redefine Meme Coins


Recently, there have been some exciting developments in DeFi. EasyA has announced a strategic alliance between Ripple (XRP) and its educational platform. Solana’s (SOL) price has risen by 30%. Analysts predict that KangaMoon, the new meme coin presale, will likely increase by 35x during Q2 2024.

EasyA collaborates with Ripple (XRP).

EasyA recently announced that they will be collaborating on a new partnership with Ripple. Both parties will work together in order to educate future developers. This will enable them to effectively contribute to integrating XRP Ledger(XRPL), with EVM programmability.

This Ripple news has helped this altcoin’s value. Ripple’s crypto value has risen from $0.50 up to $0.53 just in the last week. During that time, its market cap increased from $29B to $27.53B. Ripple is expected to reach $0.56 in February 2024 as it trades above the 200-day EMA.

Solana Price Skyrockets

Solana has also been in the green. CoinMarketCap data indicates that Solana has increased in price from $81.52 to $104.28 over the past seven days. The SOL market cap also increased from $34.77B. Even crypto…

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