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Yoga and Your Liver

Yoga and Your Liver

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Yoga and Your Liver

Yoga and Your Liver

Laura Parr explains how to care for and practice yoga for liver health.

It is no secret that springtime is associated with cleansing and cleaning. You may be planning to do a spring cleaning. It may be that you think the period between winter and spring is ideal for detoxing. It’s normal to want the same thing for your body as you crave the freshness and greenery of spring.

It’s time to think about your liver as we slowly move towards spring in northern hemisphere.


The liver is responsible for the detoxification of your entire system. Your liver, which weighs around 1.5kg is the second largest solid organ of your body after your skin. The liver is located on the right side of your lower back, above your stomach and below your diaphragm.

Your liver filters blood and produces bile that helps remove any poisonous substances. The liver can store vitamins and minerals in the blood it holds. It also has a capacity of around one pint at a time.

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