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Vizag’s ‘Glass’ Candidate Retires for BJP, TD

Vizag’s ‘Glass’ Candidate Retires for BJP, TD

Visakhapatnam: Vadde Shirisha, an independent MLA candidate allotted “Glass” symbol to contest from Visakhapatnam East and North constituencies, has announced retirement from contesting.

Shirisha, who spoke at a presser held in the Telugu Desam office here, announced her support for alliance candidates Velagapudi Ramakrishna from Telugu Desam running from Visakhapatnam East constituency and Vishnu Kumar Raju from BJP running from Vizag North constituency.

The independent candidate said she has retired from the contest as she does not want her “Glass” symbol to cause trouble for the alliance. “Glass” is the symbol that the Election Commission has allotted to Jana Sena Party in Andhra Pradesh in whichever of the constituencies the party is contesting.

The Election Commission allotted the “Glass” symbol to independent candidates wherever Jana Sena has not put up any candidate.

It is possible that this could confuse voters into thinking the independent candidate was a Jana Sena Party nominee.

Shirisha has encouraged voters to vote Vishnu Kumar Raju with the Lotus symbol in…

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