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Weatherby Sorix inertia recoil shotgun video is here!

Weatherby Sorix inertia recoil shotgun video is here!

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Weatherby has just released its latest semi auto shotgun line. The new models are said to be able to perform in the field. The Weatherby Sorix utilizes the company’s inertia recoil system for extreme reliability and rugged dependability.

Weatherby sorix Details

The inertia-operating system is the core of the new shotgun range. Weatherby has adapted this system to operate a range of loads, from lighter small game ammunition up to heavy magnums. It is available in 12-gauge with 3- or 3-and-a-half-inch chambers, and 20 gauge 3-inch chambers.

New platform offers ambidextrous control. The platform accommodates left-handed shooters via Weatherby’s Shift System. The charging handle can be swapped by cutting a hole on the left-side of the receiver. The safety is also reversible. Weatherby claims that the Shift System is designed to allow any shooter access to the shotgun without compromising performance.

Shooters who are savvy will appreciate the competition-cut receiver and larger controls. The competition cut is geared towards waterfowlers in this launch. It facilitates faster reloading. In the meantime, an oversized slammer switch, charging handle and safety are designed to ensure manual operation of the arms, even when wearing gloves and in adverse weather conditions.

The LPA fiber optic sight and stepped rib help in acquiring targets. Stock shims allow shooters to adjust cast and fit. Cerakote is applied to the receiver and barrel for weather resistance. Textured grip points help to prevent slipping. A soft cheekpiece provides a buffer for the shooter against the effects of magnum recursion.

The new Sorix is optics ready. It has four 8-40 mounting holes in the receiver. Crip Plus Chokes are available for the platform shotgun. It comes in five versions: cylinder (improved cylinder), modified (improved modified), and full.

Finaly, the Sorix has a look that is all its own. The hand-painted camo patterns are available in three different finishes: Midnight Marsh (pictured), Storm (shown), and Slough.

A competition cut on the receiver helps facilitate faster loading.

The retail price of the new Weatherby Sorix is $1,499. For more info, visit weatherby.com.

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