Home Featured #Vanlife Is Thriving in—of All Places—Brooklyn

#Vanlife Is Thriving in—of All Places—Brooklyn

#Vanlife Is Thriving in—of All Places—Brooklyn

A meetup hosted Brooklyn Campervans brought together road warriors with the curious to discuss solar panels, solo missions and pee jars.

Close your eyes and picture. if you can, hashtag vanlifeThe vast American West, Zion National Park’s vibrant oranges, and the Volkswagen Transporters that have been refurbished. #Vanlife You can travel far and wide from Maine’s forests to Florida’s beaches, and from Arizona to Montana. You may not be able to picture #vanlife Brooklyn hums in an East Williamsburg Warehouse #vanlifers A Saturday morning in the month of February.

Brooklyn Campervans’s new location in East Williamsburg provides them with more room for construction as well as events. Owners Arthur Wei and Oliver Gallini hope to host another meetup and an art show later this year.

Brooklyn Campervans held its first open house and gathering. After three years in New York, Arther Wei & Oliver Gallini moved into a bigger, more spacious location. Five of the company’s newer vans—big, gleaming Mercedes Sprinters full of geometric tiling and wooden surfaces—were parked in a U around the warehouse, a table full of half-submarine sandwiches, beer, and La Croix in the middle of the room. Wei and Gallini are old enough to have lost track of time (“Maybe five? “). Wei was right, but the friendship between them became stronger when they refurbished their van.

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