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Talent Show

Nine student-athletes in Central Florida look forward to a successful season this spring thanks to their natural abilities and the hard work they put in behind the scenes.

Cannon Feazell, Windermere baseball
Feazell’s senior right-handed pitching is considered among the best in the state. Feazell, a senior right-hander, is considered one of the best pitchers in the state.

OFM: Do you look forward to the start of your senior season and seeing what you can achieve as a team together?
CF: Yes, sir. I’m more than excited. The bond we share when playing with our team and as a group really brings everything together. We’re so close and I feel like we really have a good shot at states this year—that’s our main goal. I want my leadership to remain strong, maintain the high energy and set standards for other teams. I believe that we have an excellent chance and this year is the one.

OfM: Do You think that the experience you gained last season will benefit you when you reach the playoffs in this year?
CF: Of course. We’ve been knocking on that door for the past two years, and with our 14 seniors all having that experience, it…

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