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This truck pushed its builder to the breaking point

Building a truck can be a stressful experience, particularly when you’re trying to balance your family life, work and the pressures of putting together a major project in just six months. But it’s a very rare few that can say they’ve had a heart attack during the process, particularly when they’re just 25 years old. Before we get into that, let’s delve into the backstory on Tyler Stephens of Magnolia, Texas, and his ’15 Silverado Z71.

Hydro-dipping is showing up more and more on custom trucks, and Travis’s Chevy is at the vanguard of the trend.
The seats on Travis’s truck look sharp thanks to a Roadwire kit and some fancy stitch work.
Thanks to the painted and powder coated suspension parts, you can have a clean bottom as well as a clean top.

Truck Specifications

Tyler Stephens
2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Z71
Magnolia, TX

Centex Diesel Performance in New Braunfels, TX
2015 Duramax diesel V-8
515 horsepower and 900 ft.lbs. The torque is 900 ft-lbs.
MBRP turbo downpipe
MBRP intercooler piping
Flo Pro turbo-back exhaust system and muffler, 5 inches
PPEI tunes and FASS Titanium fuel pumps 150 gph
Allison automatic transmission
Transmission cover ATS
Cognito front driveshaft
3.73:1 rear gears

Centex Diesel Performance, New Braunfels (TX), Chassis by Logan
Independent front suspension
Cognito Motorsports 10-12-inch suspension lift
Cognito Motorsports spindles
Fox Performance Series reservoir shocks for front and rear
Front and rear brakes R1 E-Line
Atlas Suspension rear leaf springs

Wheels & Tires:
22×14 polished American Force Burnouts
40×15.50R22 Toyo Open Country MT tires

Body & Paint:
Brandon and Dustin’s bodywork at ShowTime Metal Works
Paint by Logan, Centex Diesel Performance New Braunfels TX
ShowTime Metal Works custom grille
ShowTime Metal Works rear and front bumpers
SnugTop Sl Bed Cover
Two KC HiLites LED bars, 40-inch C series
Two KC HiLites flex series front LEDs
Two KC HiLites flex Dual series LEDs in the rear
Prismatic powders transparent Copper paint on Silver basecoat

Adam Alford performs at The Interior Guy, North Houston TX
Roadwire leather kit with diamond stitch seat cover with suede inserts
ECD Customs universal dashboard wrap accents
Centex tint
Redline Graphics Interior Graphics

Special Thanks From Owner:
“To my wife, Hannah, and parents, John and Allyson, for supporting this dream. Brandon and Dustin from STMW, for inviting me on this adventure. Logan from Centex who worked extremely late hours in order to complete the truck on time and Bam, for driving it all the way from Vegas. Don K. and Zac. C. of Classic Chevrolet Sugarland were extremely pleasant to deal with and got me the exact Silverado that I wanted. To all of those who partnered with STMW and me—we are extremely grateful.”

Action Packed

Tyler has built 12 trucks in the nine years that he’s been legally able to drive, but his passion for the field goes back even further, when he used to frame the covers of his favorite magazines and hang them on the walls of his bedroom. His dream for years was to create a truck which would be featured at the SEMA show. This happened in 2014 with one his recent builds. Tyler had questions about the truck, even though it was featured in a magazine. What he ultimately picked up through the grapevine was that even though his truck was cool, it wasn’t “new enough” and “was too stock” to go into print—so the article was shelved.

The 22x14s and the lip are massive.

He didn’t throw in the towel. In March 2015, he purchased a 2500 Z71 brand new with only 1,500 miles. The truck only accumulated 300 miles in six months while being shuttled between ShowTime Metal Works and Centex Diesel Performance, both located in New Braunfels. Boy, were those six months action packed…

The heart attack. Tyler visited the emergency room between September and Oct 2015 with chest pains. He checked out “OK,” and all seemed well, but he visited a specialist a few days later who confirmed his fears. It turned out he’d had a mild heart attack just a few days earlier. He was put on medication to fix the problem, and now, months later, he’s off the meds. He was unable to balance his work, family and building a truck. Tyler had to make a sacrifice. It ended up becoming a learning experience for Tyler, and now that he’s aware of the problem, he’s dealing with things accordingly.


Was the stress of building the truck he titled “STNDOUT” (misspelling intentional) worth it? Absolutely. Tyler not only participated in the process but also learned a lot along the way. To build a SEMA-worthy magazine vehicle costs a great deal of money, and it takes passion to accomplish. In the end, though, it’s the bonds that Tyler made with his team—from the sponsors to the people turning wrenches—that are crucial to living a good life.

Would he do all of it again? He would do it again. Although, next time he’ll probably take things a little easier. DW

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