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Real World Learning at San Diego High Schools

Real World Learning at San Diego High Schools

Real World Learning is a Kauffman Foundation sponsored initiative that was launched in 2018. A series of conversations with the community helped to illuminate the path towards the goal of giving valuable experiences to each high school graduate. These experiences can include client projects and entrepreneurial experiences, as well as internships. These experiences include client projects, entrepreneurial experiences and internships.

Four high schools within the North Kansas City District have implemented career academies that integrate real-world learning in pathways for secondary learners. NKC educators will visit schools where real-world learning is demonstrated. In January, they visited four San Diego schools that were inspiring.   

Kearny High School’s Stanley E. Foster School of Engineering, Innovation and Design

Kearny High

Kearny High was opened in Linda Vista in San Diego in 1941. It’s six miles north of downtown and Balboa Park on the Cabrillo Parkway (SR 163, the first freeway in San Diego County). Around the corner, 20 years later, Mesa College built on top of a hill. 

In the 1990s three quarters of Kearny’s students were economically challenged, and their achievement and graduation rates had been low. In 2004, it reopened…

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