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Marriage Checkup

Marriage Checkup

It’s time for your checkup! This is not a marriage checkup, nor one for your teeth or car.

Only 19% of couples, according to research take part in premarital counseling. Few couples get married and then divorce. Only one third seek pre-marital counseling. And of those couples, many limp into a pastor or a counselor’s office for help only after ignoring their problems for years. Counseling is a last resort for couples who have been unable to save their marriages.

It is better to be proactive in your relationship and receive regular checkups. Addressing problems when they’re smaller is more effective and much less painful than letting them pile up for years.

You can start your marriage checkup by asking your spouse, “How do you think our marriage is doing?” Or ask, “What’s one thing I can do to be a better spouse to you?” A conversation is sometimes enough to get through a rough spot.

Other issues may be more complex and require external help. For example, a professional counsellor or a pastor. More than likely, they’ve seen similar struggles in other couples and have answers. They can transform a bad relationship into a successful one.

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