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Law and religion roundup – 18th February

Law and religion roundup – 18th February

An end to havering on naming the new London Overground Lines…

Charity Commission statutory enquiry

The Charity Commission has A statutory investigation into the activities Al-Tawheed Charitable TrustThe charity was first registered in 1994 and has charitable purposes including promoting Islam, supporting Muslim communities, and promoting sport, social, and cultural activities.

The investigation concerns an event held by an external organisation at the charity’s premises in 2020. Its current trustees, who were not in office at the time, told the Commission the event was a “religious remembrance programme” for Major General Qasem Soleimani, organised by a third party and not by the charity itself. Soleimani, at the time of death, was the Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards The Qods Force, and are subject to sanctions imposed on them by HM Government. Video footage shown to the Commission includes speakers praising Soleimani. Antisemitic chants are also heard.

The following regulatory issues will be examined:

  • The trustees of the charity are responsible for its management and administration.
  • The oversight and control by the charity’s trustees of the use of the charity’s properties by third…

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