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Integrity Blockers

The trans problem is one of collective action.

For doctors and healthcare workers, “gender-affirming care” has become an enormous and high-stakes purity test. The apparent “consensus” among medical establishmentarians is actually a fiction that relies on participants to outsource their own morality and submit to mid-level forced teaming. But recent events have shown that this façade may be starting to crack.

The famous Milgram test, where participants were told by a self-appointed expert to administer electric shocks they believed to be fatal to a subject, showed how much people are willing to give up their autonomy in ethical matters to self appointed authorities. Something similar has been going on in hospitals and doctors’ offices, as all but a few silence their own reservations about the sterilization and surgical deformation of minors.

For Washington State therapist Tamara Pietzke, who worked for the MultiCare health system’s pediatric hospital, the affirm-or-else work environment became untenable. Amber Rolfe, a therapist who oversees MultiCare’s gender program, where Pietzke worked, served as her teacher in a real life reenactment of the Milgram experiment. Pietzke’s…

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