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Outdoor Adventure Guide – How to Do Moab

Outdoor Adventure Guide – How to Do Moab

Sunset’s Insider Guide Series Experts from the locality share seasonal attractions and travel secrets.

Krista Simmons

Meet the Insider Whitney Saggboy General Manager Wild West Voyages

Location: Moab is located in Utah

Whitney Saggboy was born and raised in Moab. Growing up as a Navajo woman in one of the West’s most notable regions for natural beauty, she has a deep passion for the outdoors, whether that be hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding, or kayaking. When she’s not trail running with her pooch Crimson alongside her fiancé, you can find her guiding at Wild West Voyages, where we met on a session paddling down the Colorado River. Saggboy offers her best tips for exploring this unique town, located in an undiscovered corner of the American West.


Field Station Moab Gift Shop
Field Station’s gear shop.

Matt Kisiday/Courtesy Field Station Moab

At the newly opened ULUM Moab (pictured above), you can “have all the comforts of a luxury hotel while being immersed in the outdoors.” It’s located “just south of Moab on the outskirts of Canyonlands National Park” and “feels otherworldly with its expansive, picturesque views.” Field Station is also an excellent option.


Spitfire Smokehouse Brisket and Slaw
A plate of…

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