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Petit Fours: Baking School in Depth

Petit Fours: Baking School in Depth

During the nineteenth century, French bakers learned that the stone ovens could still be heated by the residual heat after they had extinguished the intense heat. This intense heat setting was used for baking crusty loaves. Grand four or “big oven.” The latent heat was enough to cook tiny, individual pastries as the oven cooled. The name “cooldown” comes from this setting. The four-year-olds or “small oven,” et voilà, the creation of petit fours! The tiny pastries were given the name of the oven they were baked in and have evolved into a variety of small, exquisite desserts that are now treasured around the world. Petit fours include the cute cakes we think of as petit fours. You can also check out our Facebook page.́.

Buttercream, with or without preserves of fruit, is sandwiched between two layers of cake in our Petit Fours. Then, a thin layer is added on top and frozen. Poured fondant elegantly drapes over the cake and then it’s time to decorate these charming, delicious, bite-size Petit Fours to your heart’s desire. Follow along with our easy-to-follow guide to making these French Petit Fours. magnifique Instead of très…

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