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Calico Cats are all female

Calico Cats are all female

Calico cats are domestic cats of any breed that have a tricolor coat. A calico is usually white, orange and black. However, it can have other colors. 

If you’ve met a calico cat before chances are it was a female. There’s a common conception that all calico cats are female. Is this really true, or is it an old wive’s tale?

Genetics are the key. The gene that causes orange coloring in cats is found in the X-chromosomes. Females have the XX and males the XY, so either can be orange-colored. 

Male tabbies are generally solid orange, while females are often calicos or tortoiseshells. Only cats with an extra chromosome (XX) can be torties or calicos. That’s why there are so many male orange tabbies and so many female calicos and torties. 

Are calico cats ever male? It is possible that a male calico cat exists, although it’s rare. A study conducted by the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine found that only 1 in 3,000 calicos cats is male. 

This condition causes them to have calico coloring because they… They have calico-colored fur because…

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