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Why You Should Respect Others, No Matter What

Why You Should Respect Others, No Matter What

Dr. James Dobson once said, “Respect is intended to operate on a two-way street.” The key words are “intended to operate.” It would be great to live in a “two-way street” world where everyone felt respected, not just for their accomplishments but for their humanity. We don’t live in that world, and I can only manage my side of the street.

I can’t control how others behave or react. Only I am responsible for my actions, words, and writings. I choose to respect others regardless of whether they reciprocate. Here are five reasons why you should respect others regardless of what they do.

1. No one is perfect.

It is obvious that some people strive to be perfect in order to please other people. If your respect is only earned after someone achieves at a high level, you’ll feel the temptation to withdraw your respect when the output declines. Respect effort as well as results.

2. We don’t know everyone’s struggles.

Anyone ever yelled or screamed at you while in line at a grocery store? You were cut off in traffic by a speeding driver? You sent a text you thought was rude? You should not retract your respect. We don’t know if that person just got awful news, is going through a…

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