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5 Gargantuan Skillet Cookies

5 Gargantuan Skillet Cookies

Who doesn’t love a cookie the size of their head? Enjoy a delicious weekend treat with these gooey skillet cookies.

Coffee-Bourbon Skillet Cookie

This Coffee-Bourbon Skillet cookie will wake you up with its combination of coffee and bourbon.

Apple, Oat, Molasses, Skillet Cookie

Apple, Oat, and Molasses Skillet CookieWe love a good skillet cookie, and this Apple, Oat, and Molasses Skillet Cookie—filled with rich molasses, chopped apples, and just enough spice—will be on our baking list every weekend.

Skillet Sprinkle Sugar Cookie

Skillet Sprinkle Sugar Cookie

Can you repeat Skillet Sprinkle Sugar Cookies five times? This treat is sure to bring out the child in everyone. With its crisp edges and chewy, soft center, this giant cookie will bring you back to childhood.

Butterscotch-Pecan Cookies

Butterscotch-Pecan CookiesButterscotch, pecans and pecans are a great pair for these Butterscotch Pecan Cookies. 

Snickerdoodles with Pecans in Chocolate Skillet Cookies

Chocolate-Pecan Snickerdoodle Skillet Cookie.

Imagine yourself with a cup or coffee and this Chocolate-Pecan Snickerdoodle Skillet cookie at a sunny table. You’ll be able to get the perfect bite. This quick and easy skillet recipe is from Christy, a cookbook author who loves cast-iron.

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