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Yoga and sadness


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Yoga and sadness

Yoga and sadness

Emma Mills: How yoga taps into our inner emotions

Feeling sad or depressed isn’t something that is often mentioned when we talk about yoga, we like to talk about the good stuff, how yoga has made us feel positive and uplifted, how we are in a much better exercise routine now because of yoga or how yoga helped us get a grip on our anxious thoughts.

These are all things that are true. There is a long list of yoga benefits. I could spend a day just listing them.

Do you remember feeling a rush of emotions when practicing yoga? Do you feel the need to cry? You may not have even noticed that a tear was running down your cheek in class.

It is perfectly healthy and natural to feel sad.

I’ve heard many times before ‘not to bottle things up’, ‘the body keeps score’ and it does.

While we’re busy living our lives we get used to dealing…

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