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Wrecked Rockers


I have a cam problem.
274°, OEM Mopar stamped rockers,
Stock springs #924 for Comp #924
9.31˝. A pushrod was punched through 9.31″.
There was a rocker arm but no piston or valve
Contact a guide or a retained retainer. I may have had
Oiling the rocker shaft in the wrong location

They are facing the direction
Down and angled to a
Valve, just wondering what you mean?
They are correctly positioned.
Thank you for the great experience
Mopar Action back, it’s
The best there is by far.

The shafts can be
Reversed: See graphic
Although you can still use your
Description makes me
Unsure about this. Installed
When oil is used incorrectly, it can cause damage.
Wherever it is needed:
Causes of problems
you describe

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