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World’s coolest yachts: Maxi 72 Ran II


Top sailors and marine industry experts are asked to select the most cool and innovative yachts in our time. Adrian Stead nominates Maxi 72 Ran I

The Maxi 72 Ran II After its launch in 2009 the team sailed an intensive programme, winning back-to-back victories in the Rolex Fastnet Race in IRC overall both in 2009 and 2011

“The Ran 72, we sailed it so much in so many great places – we won the Maxi Worlds, two Fastnets, RORC Caribbean 600 – loads of stuff! It was a great boat, with a great team, and great competition,” said Stead.

“I think it was owners Niklas and Catherine’s [Zennstrom’s] dream – their vision to go sailing, to sail great races with good friends. Out of all the boats I’ve sailed that’s definitely the most fun.”

The Maxi 72 Ran II It was designed by Judel/Vroljik, and built in Lymington at Green Marine with a focus on weight reduction. The boat weighs only 17 tonnes. It was designed to be tough enough to handle rough offshore conditions. This included a breezy Rolex Sydney Hobart race in 2009.

Photo: Kurt Arrigo/Rolex

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Maxi 72 Ran II stats rating:

Top speed: 25 Knots

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