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Working Out Is Boring — But These Childhood Exercises Aren’t (And They Make You Feel Like a Kid)


Regular exercise is essential for your mental and physical health. But let’s face it — working out can be boring; and when you tire of your exercise routine, you lose the motivation to do it. So, what’s the solution? Hula Hoops… and skipping, and jumping rope, and many other activities you enjoyed as a kid.

Research has shown that novelty is an important factor in maintaining a consistent exercise program. That could mean Bollywood dance classes or ’80s workout tapes. This could also refer to revisiting childhood games. Back then, you probably didn’t think of things like running and swinging as “fitness.” You did them because they were fun, or social, or competitive. But they are, in fact, great for your health, whether you’re six or 60.

These five childhood activities will make your smile. Work up a sweat. Jumping rope is more exhausting than you realize.  

Jumping Rope 

Jump ropes are a small piece, but it has huge benefits. The repetitive movements involved in jumping rope strengthen your arms. your legs, and trainers say it’s an effective way to cram a full-body workout into a short period of time. A…

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